Wildflower Mullein

Mullein (Verbascum thapus) is a gorgeous yellow wild flower, often seen growing along highways and grassy landscapes and can reach heights up to 5 feet.  A few years back  I gathered some freshly mowed stems along the road and threw them into my garden. To my delight I had a few sprouts the following spring, blooming in the early morning sun. Each year a few more plants sprout in random areas which I intend to let flourish and hopefully take over sections of my garden.
I just love how wildflowers fill me is excitement, and these tall beauties are easy to care for, extremely hardy and perfect for any gardener.


This foggy morning the mullein, wrapped in tiny webs, were so lovely that I had to snap photos and share with everyone.






4 thoughts on “Wildflower Mullein

  1. Looks neat!… all those times in the morning I’d obliviously walk into spider webs taking out the trash……….. fun.

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