Green tree frog (Hyla cinerea)

Cute little guy I found on my deck this morning.

The green treefrog is usually bright green, but its color may vary to yellow, dull green, or slate grey when it is hidden or inactive. A yellow or white stripe that varies in length, may extend farther along the body on one side than on the other, or may be lacking entirely. Many individual green treefrogs have golden colored spots on their backs. Because they often appear or are heard during rain storms, folklore and legends regard these frogs to be “weather prophets”.



8 thoughts on “Green tree frog (Hyla cinerea)

  1. We stayed at a relative’s house in Florida during a trip – and at night, the grounds came alive with frogs galore. ❤ them

  2. I love these frogs! They disappeared for quite a few years but look like they are making a comeback. We also see the teenie tiny toads in the grass again, thousands of them bouncing around. When you first notice them, they are smaller then a dime, so amazing!

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