DIY Smash Book

Recently my sister and I found cute Smash books on sale at our local craft store.  I bought the nature one of course because I have many uses for that type of book but I wanted a funky one for everyday and travel.  Here’s what I ended up with.


I dug through my many stacks of scrapbook paper and found some odd colors that I had no idea what to do with them.


Cut the paper 10 x 7 inches (that’s the size of the store bought pages).


I added 1 inch strips, folded in half to the edges for durability.


Found a fun page for the cover, the one with the fan. I punched holes with an old fashioned hand held hole punch and added rings.


I cute a bunch of envelopes,  pockets and tabs out of the scraps. I plan to keep extra pieces of all the scraps in a separate envelope to take with me on trips out of town.


Digging through my rubber stamps I found some very cute things to add to my pages. I also found matching paper clips and some other things in my stash that went well with the new pages.


Here’s an example of how I set up my pages. I just used paper clips and matched envelopes and scraps for randomly throughout the book (I can move things around later as I use the book).  When I’m smashing things in the book, the paperclips will hold things together until I’m ready to tape and glue.


My first thing smashed!

Love Jimmy John’s but the Vito is an Italian sandwich with vinaigrette not mayo.


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