July 4th Candy Centerpiece and Table

I really enjoy playing with centerpieces and have seen many cute ideas on Pinterest.  Over the last few years I started making these candy vases on different holidays to add to my table decorations.  You can make them in any size glass vase but I choose the 16 inch vase so I can really have fun with colored candy.


I started this vase with 2 packs each of inexpensive cinnamon and peppermint candy. Added a bag of Hershey Cookies N Cream and a bag of berry flavored Twizzlers.


Two canning jars come in handy, just add the small one in the center of the vase and pack your first candy selection around it. I chose the blue foiled Hershey Kisses. This saves a lot of money on candy purchase as the jars take up most of the vase.


I added the next bag of candy (the peppermint) and the large canning jar. You can use the large jar to hold the rest of the centerpiece items.



Finally add the Twizzlers or candy of your choice.


You can use fresh cut flowers, just add water to the canning jar or use inexpensive silk flowers you may find at a Dollar Tree or a local craft store. I used silk flowers for now but I may put fresh flowers in the centerpiece on the 4th of July. I found cute straws with foil fringe and flags at the Dollar Tree and finished off my vase. I kept my cost down on this vase, really happy on how nice it turned out.




Most of the table settings are end of holiday clearance items that I have collected over the years.


Plastic plates, and straws at The Dollar Tree and Michaels.



Napkins picked up at places like Pier One Imports and Old Time Pottery for 1-2 bucks each. Wrap foil star garland around folded napkins and use as a napkin ring.


And my adorable red splattered glasses that I found one year at Pier One Imports for $1.50 each on clearance.

Happy 4th of July!




6 thoughts on “July 4th Candy Centerpiece and Table

  1. It looks fabulous! I love it. Great job!! Everything coordinates so well. I love the different textures mixed together.

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