Halloween Felt Ornaments, Marshmallows and Eyeballs

After a few weeks off from posting my crafts I’m gearing up for fall activities, Halloween being my favorite. I’ve been stitching holiday felt ornaments for a long time and this year I’m adding a few fun characters to my Halloween trees.  I am torn between switching to lush wool felt or sticking to this basic poly-fiber-reject sort of stuff that you can find in local craft stores. Comparing it to felt available 15 to 20 years ago and the stuff available today, the older felt was thick and soft and the newer stuff is rather stiff and thin. But I’m sticking with what I have for now and maybe next year I’ll try some of those gorgeous wool pieces that I keep seeing on Pinterest and Etsy.

These cute little mallows have been roasting over a fire, one seems to be too close to the flames and another has been quite charred. These look great on my tree and I can’t wit to add them to my collection. wmmallows01wmmallows03


The eyeballs were fun to stitch too and they will look good on one of the bigger trees. I may add tiny red veins to the whites of the eyes for a creepier look.




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