Chrysanthemums, Coreopsis and Dahlias

The last of my late spring flowers are finishing up and the summer flower are starting to bloom. This pot of Chrysanthemum, name unknown, has been blooming for 6 years and is especially gorgeous. Tiny multi-colored flowers are pink and yellow on one side and lavender on the other and about the size of a quarter. I’ve never had a problem with this mum, it’s extremely hardy and has survived the harsh heat and the severe cold. I wonderful gift from my husband.

mums01 mums02 mums03

The Coreopsis or “Tickseed” have not let me down this year. I planted one years ago and have encouraged them to come up where they will. Our sandy soil is particularly friendly to some very obnoxious weeds and anything that will cover the ground and spread on it’s own is most welcome in my back garden. I just love these hardy little flowers, a great choice to grow in the Florida Panhandle.

coreopsis01 coreopsis02 coreopsis03

Finally Dahlias, but pretty sure these don’t like the heat, but I grabbed several sale bags from in the local garden center. A few bulbs have struggled to produce but some have flourished. Here is Dahlia New Dimension, it’s a cactus dahlia. I hope they survive our summer heat wave.



One thought on “Chrysanthemums, Coreopsis and Dahlias

  1. Goodness. The picture with the tree looks like one out of a movie, really spectacular. ❤ Makes my heart drop in an awe-inspiring way, like a sunrise/sunset.

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