Opossum baby

imageMy husband just found this little survivor with the dead mother and siblings. I immediately found a box, made a mommy pouch for it out of a tshirt (towels don’t work as their claws get stuck in the loops) and called the wildlife refuge. Unfortunately they already closed for the day. So I left a message and I hope someone calls me soon, otherwise I have to babysit til morning. It’s a cute little thing, but chirping for the mom which saddens me a bit. I love these little creatures and we enjoy seeing them scamper through the yard in the evenings. Unfortunately others view them as pesky or dirty which always worries me because we value the wildlife that come and go on our property.

Only thing to do now is keep it warm and safe until the refuge can nurse it back to health and release it back into the wild.  The little guy curled up into a ball as soon as I placed it in the tshirt pouch and seems warm enough for now.




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