Crochet vs. Dune

Yep! I had a request for another Hero plushie, this time from the epic novel series Dune written by Frank Herbet and then televised in the 1980’s. Here is Paul  from the House Artreides. I loved making this character. The hair was a new skill for me and it turned out really well. But the blue eyes really make this character come alive. Go Crochet!



Girly to Geek Crochet

I love lace and ribbons and fluffy little critters, but I also have a geeky side. I can’t get enough of science fiction, fantasy, War of Warcraft and RIDDICK!

This little teddy bear is made of lambswool and is designed for a wonderful photographer to use with newborn photo shoots. The lambswool brushed out so nicely and fun to work with. I picked up that small ball of yarn while living in England a few years ago. The bear stands about 4.5 inches tall. Look at that little face.





While crocheting bears, bunnies and butterflies, Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick, and Riddick were all scheduled on our cable network. I watch TV while I crochet, so it occurred to me to put down the girly stuff and see if I could make him. Recently  I learned how to crochet simple arms, feet and body, then modified that pattern to fit the muscular build of Richard B. Riddick. Here is the finished plushie which stands about 8 inches tall. I love crochet, it’s so much fun.