Halloween Party 2016

I love this time of year when I get to be super creative and decorate. We had a family party this year with special effects, lighting and of course fun food stuff. My favorite part of the party were the voodoo lights over the dining room table and the beautiful table setting that i finally finished collecting. The best part of decorating was reusing old decorations and finding new ways to display them. Enjoy the photos.

Voodoo lights over the dining room table, 3 views. The lighting really transformed the entire evening.


Dining table with black flatware and vampire teeth napkin rings.


Fireplace with charred witch remains, red witch shoes, coffins with skeletons and glowing handprints.


Food display, brain cupcakes.


Fairy skeletons trapped in cages, hanging bodies in the front windows, witches and a werewolf.


Potions tables.



Bubbastumps keeping watch over the goodie bags.




Loving Crochet

Crocheting makes me so happy, I can’t explain it but it’s almost like a kid a candy store with all the luscious colors and many types to choose from. Back when i was a teenager and learning how to crochet, there wasn’t this kind of creativity going on. I always thought of those dainty doilies that you would put on table under a flower vase or the lovey edges on a pillow case. There is endless possibilities today for this wonderful hobby and when I saw this granny square pillow on Pinterest I knew it was going to be my next project. I just thought of Easter and springtime when i saw the colors and had to make something like it for my sofa. I just love flowers and these puffy daisies are the best. Here’s the squares crocheted together and I’m perusing my fabric stash to make a back for it. More to come when this project is finished.