Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Dragons

The park opens an hour early for hotel guests so off we went at 6 am in the morning with the sun barely up. The first thing you notice going into Diagon Alley is the the Ukrainian Iron-belly atop Gringott’s Bank. Here the first sunshine of the day was making her glow!

DA003 DA000Here’s a shot as she first appeared entering the Alley before sun up.


We were startled when the rumbling started and the dragon, 60 ft up in the air, spewed a jet of flames over the onlookers. You can really feel the heat standing below her.



Needless to say I was fascinated with the beast for the entire 2 days and snapped more photos.

Extremely satisfied! I asked one of the wizards near Gringott’s how often she blew flames and he replied, “She blows fire whenever she’s angry, and with all the Muggles around she’ll be angry most of the day.”