Green tree frog (Hyla cinerea)

Cute little guy I found on my deck this morning.

The green treefrog is usually bright green, but its color may vary to yellow, dull green, or slate grey when it is hidden or inactive. A yellow or white stripe that varies in length, may extend farther along the body on one side than on the other, or may be lacking entirely. Many individual green treefrogs have golden colored spots on their backs. Because they often appear or are heard during rain storms, folklore and legends regard these frogs to be “weather prophets”.



Glass Candy

A few years ago I started collecting colored glass for my kitchen after I put a blue vase on the window sill. The sun caused a beautiful blue reflection across the window sill.  Now there are several vases on the sill in greens, oranges and blues to match my kitchen colors.  I thought it was pretty today so much so that I had to share with you.  Oh and yes I do have frogs in random places on the inside of the house as well as the garden.

wmglass01 wmglass02