Dahlia Duet Surprise

To my surprise the dahlia planted in a pot wasn’t the color on the package. I was expecting a red and white bloom but I received this gorgeous purple and white blossom instead.  The packaging says it’s a Dahlia Duet and you can see in the photo, it’s clearly red and white. I actually love the purple much better and I’m quite happy for the lovely colors blooming on my patio. Enjoy your day!




Dahlia ‘Kelvin Floodlight’ in Bloom

Just Gorgeous, look at that warm glow!

I’ve been babying these dahlia’s through wind, rain and heat. They have been staked 3 times, fell over twice and are nearly 4′ feet tall. I’m delighted they survived and giving me 6″ to 7″ inch blooms. This is the first year that I tried dahlias and have learned a few things. Buy them early in the spring when those cute little packs start showing up in Walmart and Lowes. Don’t wait til they get discounted later when summer starts, it take a long time for them to start blooming.


They need well draining soil and full sun to flourish. I planted them all over the front and back gardens to see where they liked it the best and the places that had lots of mulch seemed to support viral growth and the stems wilted, as did the areas with part shade. Also I need to plant them a little deeper. Once the soil settled and they got about 1 and a half feet tall, they started to lean. The first big wind storm and they fell over. So stake them right away with large sturdy stakes, because the rain makes them heavy and there are many stems coming out from the bulbs.