Wizarding World of Harry Potter Interactive Wand

By far the best souvenir I ever bought was the interactive wand available that I bought in Diagon Alley.  You can have a unique interactive experience where you can see a wand choose a wizard, but the line at Ollivander’s in Hogsmeade was very long so I bought mine in Diagon Alley at the smaller Ollivander’s. I choose Harry’s wand as it had a cool gnarled wood handle with little bumps on it perfect for thumb and finger. It felt secure when casting spells, being Muggle born I was unsure about dropping it. The weight of the wand was perfect for me. (My Hedwig owl coffee mug purchased at Magical Menagerie is holding down the map).


Your wand comes with a double-sided map of both Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley that show spell-casting locations. The map lists each location by number and provides the name of the spell and its wand movement.


DSC_0418Spell locations are marked with medallions in the cobblestones and pavement complete with the direction spell-casters should face (by using an elongated point), the verbal component of the spell (what words should be spoken), and the motion(s) of the wand.


Here are a few photos of spell-casting locations.

DSC_0168 DSC_0165

DSC_0175 DSC_0176