Cat Sugar Skull Ornaments

Hello kitty lovers! It’s nearly time for Day of the Dead and we can’t miss out on remembering our furry friends. I’ve been busy these last few weeks embroidering these adorable, one of a kind sugar skull ornaments. Hand cut and embroidered on wool blend felt which is fabulous to stitch on. I use combinations of 1, 2 and 3 strands of floss for added dimensions. So far everyone is different, with slight variations. I wanted them to be unique.

I’ve put in extra time this years to remember my little lovelies that have passed on. If you are interested in acquiring one or more for your Day of the Dead celebration or for your Halloween tree you can find them in the shop. Don’t wait, they are going fast. Here is a link. Whiskermeadow on Etsy



Witch Kitty And Mouse Ornaments

Yes! It’s that time of year where I get to put out my vast collection of Halloween decorations. I’ve added “NEW”ornaments to my collection as well as my shop, and they will grace the top of my Halloween trees of various sizes. They measure about 5.5 inches in height and are fairly lightweight.

I’ve given the kitty eyelids to give her a sassy look. Both the kitty and mouse have jeweled necklaces, wicker brooms, felt witch hats and a little pet pompom spider. Both have floppy whiskers and both have ruffled netting for underskirts. All are hand stitched except for the props (hat and broom).