Disappearing Nine Patch Mini Tutorial

I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks putting together this mini tutorial for a “Disappearing Nine Patch” baby sized quilt. It’s a great quilt block to try and you will get lots of practice lining up and matching seams. There are plenty of tutorials on how to do this block but not always with step by step visual photos. I hope this may help and not confuse you.


Start with 5″ inch squares. I used the Les Amis fabric from Michael Miller.

Staying organized and using a large flat surface will help keep you squares from getting turned and assembled the wrong way. Lay out your squares so you can see all 9 of them.

I quickly learned to put darker colors in the center so your eye doesn’t go right to a dark 5″ inch square when you look at the finished quilt (they get cut into 4 smaller squares later on) . But you place them any way you want, this is just my preference.


Sew your 9 squares together vertically first so that you have 3 horizontal rows, a top, middle and a bottom.

Keeping your blocks organized is key to fewer mistakes. I wasn’t sure on which way to start sewing them when I tried this for the first time and I stitched a few squares together along the wrong edge by accident and the overall pattern was messed up. Ripping seams was not very fun.


Next, turn the 3 rows over and Press all your seams open, this makes it easier to line up the seams later.


Now sew your 3 rows together horizontally and press open the seams.DSC_0041

You can now cut your 9 patch quilt block in half horizontally and vertically centered. Make sure these cuts are straight and even and don’t rush.


Rotate the top right square 180 degrees as in the photo. Do the same with the bottom left.

The really fun thing about this quilt block is the many different ways you can create patterns by switching the squares around. Try it the way I’ve shown if this is your first time sewing this block, it’s the easiest.


Sew your 4 squares vertically, press seams open and then horizontally, press seams open.


Your block is complete. I made 9 completed blocks and then lay them all out to make sure the overall pattern was uniform before I started sewing them together in rows.


Sew the 3 top blocks together vertically for 1 row.  Then do the same for the middle and bottom blocks. Once all 3 rows are finished, sew them across horizontally. (Note, only the top and middle row is shown).


Here are all 3 rows stitched together. Your “Disappearing 9 Patch” is complete. Assemble your quilt.